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Build your very own Yoda out of Lego with this 1,771 piece kit for 30% off

(Image credit: Amazon/Lego)

We all know Baby Yoda is the flavour of the month thanks to The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, but for the classic Star Wars fans among us, Amazon has a truly brilliant deal on a Lego Yoda. Standing tall at over 16"/41cm, this original Yoda has 1,771 pieces and is an impressive 30% off, taking his price to £62.97. Huge discount for an impressive Yoda statue, that is.

LEGO Yoda - Star Wars: Attack of the Clones | £62.97 (was £89.99)
The best discount on LEGO Yoda you'll see throughout all of Black Friday weekend, this is.View Deal

If you're somehow still not sold on this old version of baby Yoda despite knowing just how cute it is in The Mandalorian, then get a load of this. Lego Yoda comes with his iconic green lightsaber — it couldn't not have it not, could it — and it also has a fact plaque with numerous facts about the wise green being. His head, fingers, and toes are all articulated so you can change his position, and his eyelids can be adjusted to alter his expression. Just don't stare into them for too long, we're not liable for Yoda being mistaken for Squidward with those eyes.

This is an excellent deal for any Star Wars and/or Lego fan, and if you partner it with the insane Lego Millenium Falcon or any of the other kits found in our best Lego Star Wars deals, you'll be quickly on your way to having a healthy Lego Star Wars collection. Word of warning: while Yoda may be almost to scale, the Millennium Falcon certainly isn't. Imagine that though.

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