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Braff's back

Looks like Zach Braff has been learning something in his day job – playing a doctor on US sitcom Scrubs. Because he’s about to perform a little Open Hearts surgery.

Okay, bad gags aside, he’s written an adaptation of Danish film Open Hearts, which has been snapped up by Paramount. Braff plans to produce, direct and take a small role in the film, which is a complicated tale of a woman devastated when her fiancé is paralysed in a car crash. Things take a further turn when she kicks off an affair with his doctor – whose wife caused the accident in the first place.

Since grabbing the attention of moviegoers with Garden State, Braff has mostly confined himself to Scrubs and starring in other people’s films, such as Chicken Little and the upcoming The Last Kiss.

Susanne Bier directed the original in 2003 in a Dogme style, with new Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen and Sonja Richter in the lead roles. Braff has yet to pick his cast.