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Blizzard unveils Scroll of Resurrection bonuses for returning WoW players

While Blizzard's World of Warcraft continues to weather the slings and arrows of competitor after competitor, the company isn't above throwing players a little sum'n sum'n to stay in the game. Having announced that it may not be releasing the game's next big update until 2013, Blizzard's found a strategy to lure a few reformed addicts back off the wagon: get the players to do the hard work, with the new Scroll of Resurrection initiative.

Above: Pull a friend back down the hole, get a free ghost-horse-thing. Good deal

Activated via the game's webpage, the Scroll of Resurrection allows you to bestow a number of boons upon the player of your choice. Once you've cast the Scroll on a friend, they'll get their character bumped up to Level 80, a free upgrade to Cataclysm (including any other content released since their last login), free transport to your realm and faction, and seven days' free playtime.

To keep you from feeling like Blizzard's playing you for some sucker, you'll get a free Spectral Wind Rider or Gryphon mount for your troubles too. That's on top of your friends' endless gratitude, of course... even if it's phrased as, “why oh why I thought I was clean what have you done oh lord my life.” Gratitude takes many forms.