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Being Human Series Two

Filming has now commenced in Bristol on Being Human, BBC‘s surprise megahit comedy drama about a house-sharing vampire, werewolf and ghost. Created by Toby Whithouse (who also wrote Doctor Who’s “School Reunion” and whose only previous knowledge of Bristol came from when he was an extra in The House Of Elliot), the first series was an instant winner with SFX readers, with near 100% positive comments on the SFX forum – a rare feat, indeed. So when SFX had the chance to interrogate executive producer Rob Puresy about the future of the show we leapt at the chance. The full interview will be in SFX188, due out on 23 September, but here are a few choice extracts:

We saw George’s girlfriend, Nina, getting a werewolf scratch. Will she have lycanthropic tendencies of her own?
“It’s a question posed at the start of episode one, and something that she herself is desperate to know. When the series starts she doesn’t know - and nor do we - whether it’s something that will have had an impact on her or not.”

Do you know what Annie whispered to Owen to turn him into a quivering wreck?
“We do and we’ve talked about it a lot, but it’s too frightening – I couldn’t possibly tell you! We’ll be investigating that a little bit further in series two.”

Will you be giving Annie some new clothes this year?
“Our feeling on that is that Annie should start to accessorise. One step at a time, you know?”

Will you be bringing any other monsters into the series? Zombies, for example?
“We’ve contemplated Bigfoot! This sounds crazy, though, but all other monsters seem kind of silly. We now think it’s perfectly sensible to have a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost wandering around, but as soon as you start talking about other monsters they just seem a little bit silly.”

Will we see more flashbacks to Mitchell’s past?
“We’re very interested in Mitchell’s backstory. We know he spent the post-war years being the most blackhearted vampire in the country, and then there’s a point in the ‘60s when he changed, so it’s something that we will occasionally take other glimpses at.”

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