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Batman Vs Superman football jerseys revealed

Though Batman Vs Superman isn’t set to start filming in Michigan until early next year, Zack Snyder is shooting a football game sequence at East Los Angeles College’s Weingart Stadium this weekend.

In what’s surely intended to be a big tease ahead of that epic titular smackdown, the game is between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University – the hometowns of Batman and Superman respectively.

Naturally, the game necessitated the creation of some bespoke football jerseys – the colour schemes of which echo those of the eponymous crime-fighters.

Batman News has gotten its mitts on some snaps, which you can see above…

Another interesting tidbit reported by Batman News is that Snyder will only be shooting at the stadium for around 20 minutes (during half time of a college match), so don't expect a massive set-piece ala The Dark Knight Rises .

Christopher Nolan shot his Rises sequence for a full day, meaning Snyder's football segment is probably more of a scene-setter than an all-out show-stopper.

Batman Vs Superman opens in cinemas in 2015.