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Assassin's Creed Unity Nostradamus Enigma Guide

Revolution brews in the French streets of Assassin's Creed Unity. A brotherhood of assassins walks among the disillusioned populous, in massively conspicuous outfits purely designed to dazzle. With their finely-honed training, what will these fashionistas do to quell the injustice bubbling around them? Ponce about looking at graffiti to get a fabulous new outfit of course!

There are 18 Nostradamus Enigmas to solve, each rewarding you with a fragment that you can use in the basement of the Cafe Theatre to access the Thomas de Carneillon Master Assassin outfit. You can make a start as soon as you have 4 fragments, so when you're ready, jump to the Cafe Theatre Basement Puzzle section, because did you really think it was going to be as easy as nipping down there and cashing in your fragments for new togs? We should just be thankful that we don't need an app.

Table of Contents:

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Shabana Arif
Shabana was born looking like a girl wearing a Pikachu hoodie, so when such things became popular, she fitted right in. She writes guides, reviews and features for GR+ when she isn't screaming at Dark Souls 2 on YouTube.