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Arnold Schwarzenegger to play an angel in Black Sunday

Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking his movie comeback seriously.

As well as The Expendables 2 , Arnie is also filming Last Stand , and he's currently prepping a role in Black Sunday (formerly announced as Black Sands ).

While the film had previously been described as a western of sorts, with comparisons to Man On Fire and High Plains Drifter mentioned, Arnie has thrown a curveball by telling website TheArnoldFans (via The Playlist ) that he's playing an angel in the movie.

"I'm a kind of angel," he said, adding, "I can not currently say more about this film."

His comments have been taken literally rather than figuratively, with his avenging angel believed to be some sort of holy creature.

This brings back rather iffy memories of End Of Days , though if this gives Arnie the opportunity to spout more golden lines like "Between your faith and my Glock nine millimeter, I'll take the Glock" and "You're a fucking choir boy compared to me!" then this could be something of a guilty-pleasure watch.

The Expendables 2 opens on 17 August 2012, with Last Stand following on 18 January 2013.