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Apex Legends bunkers in King's Canyon open tomorrow, according to leak

Apex Legends bunkers
(Image credit: EA)

Since the season five update, there have been some Apex Legends bunkers on the King's Canyon map. They're not accessible (well, except for one you can glitch inside, explained below) yet but thanks to a leak, we know that these bunkers in Apex Legends are meant to open one by one, starting tomorrow. Don't confuse these with the Apex Legends vaults which are on the other map, World's Edge, mind. Here's everything we know about the Apex Legends bunkers.

Apex Legends bunkers explained

Dotted around the map are four separate bunkers, each with one main entrance, and another smaller exit. Apex Legends dataminer Shrugal has revealed that they're going to be opened one by one, with the first (found on the cliffs to the east of where Skulltown is now submerged) opening tomorrow (June 16).

Each bunker has some gold loot inside; tomorrow's only has a gold knockdown shield, but the following three each have a fully kitted out Prowler, Sentinel, and Havoc. So while the vaults on World's Edge require a key to open, these should open automatically.

If you're reading this before the first bunker is open, it's actually possible to glitch inside fairly easily. If you edge along the cliffside until you can see the beams from the destroyed bunker below you, it's possible to drop down, land on them, and grab the loot inside. Then you can use the Charge Tower inside and open the exit hatch to make a quick getaway.

Easy as that! If there's any more developments surrounding the Apex Legends bunkers, we'll be sure to update this.

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