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How to find rusted parts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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We know, you want the giant robot don't you. Inevitably, you're going to find some crafting materials that are a little harder to obtain. Animal Crossing: New Horizons rusted parts are one of those, and if you want to build the giant robot - aka the Robot Hero recipe - you'll need some. 30 of them in fact. But they're not easy to find. 

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons rusted parts are linked to our old pal Gulliver, the seagull that keeps getting himself knocked off board his ship and somehow winding up face down on your island's beach. 

You can find him every now and then where the waves meet the sand, and you'll have to help him fix his phone by digging up five communicator parts that appear where the clams bubble in the sand. 

Once you've done that, and handed over all the parts, Gulliver will be able to get in touch with his crew and get rescued by the time the next day rolls around. He'll even send you a gift for your troubles. 

More importantly, the next day, you should check the recycling box at Resident Services. I'm assuming Gulliver lost more than five communicator parts, some got left in the sand and rusted by the sun and the sea, someone picked them up mid-shell search, and then dumped them in the recycling bin. Because somehow, there will be a Rusted Part waiting for you there the next day. 

I make it a habit to check the Recycling Bin every day to make sure I can profit from whatever is left there ASAP. Otherwise, the moment it's full, Tom Nook actually recycles anything that's left there. You have been warned.

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There is a  second way to earn yourself Animal Crossing: New Horizons rusted parts, but it will mean it'll take you longer to earn an Animal Crossing: New Horizons golden tools recipe - specifically the shovel. You see, if you don't give Gulliver the parts he needs to fix his phone, he'll go home anyway, but the next day the five parts you've kept in your pocket will change to rusted parts. However, if you want the golden shovel recipe, you'll need to help Gulliver 30 times... Seeing as he comes but once a week, that's quite the dedication. 

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