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American Horror Story season 6 might be connected to season 1 - watch the teasers here for clues

The season 6 premiere of American Horror Story is less than two months away and we still don't know the theme for the next chapter in Ryan Murphy's anthology series. Each year we normally get a new location, new set of characters and a fresh story; the one connection shared over the seasons is that they're equally twisted. But if you pay close attention to this first trio of season 6 teasers, there might just be an even bigger link to a previous season: 

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FX revealed the three clips via Snapchat, sending the online world into a flurry of screengrab sleuthing as fans attempted to figure out, well, ANYTHING about the upcoming season. Theories are pretty far-reaching, including potential ties to Slenderman, while the prevailing idea links it to season 1. The opening season ended with Jessica Lange's character stealing the newborn devil spawn of Connie Nielsen's character. That hideously clawed hand rising up out of the crib in the first teaser could easily be Michael all grown-up, and on the warpath. 

If that's the case, then what if that farmhouse - where we hear the sound of a revving chainsaw followed by a woman's screams - is Michael's new home? Could be he's out in the middle of nowhere living it up a la Leatherface. What do you think to American Horror Story: Farmhouse?  

American Horror Story season 6 premieres on FX on September 14, 2016 in the US with a UK premiere date yet to be announced. 

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