Attack on Titan Final Season release date set for December

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The Attack on Titan Final Season release date has been officially confirmed. Originally set for ‘Fall 2020’, the concluding fourth season begins on December 7.

The news comes from Attack on Titan’s official Twitter account (via Crunchyroll), which revealed that Japanese broadcaster NHK will be running the premiere at the beginning of December at 00:10am, with new episodes presumably running every Monday thereafter. For US and UK time zones, though, the premiere date will technically land on Sunday, December 6 – 10:10am Eastern and 3:10pm GMT respectively.

That still leaves a couple of questions open for long-term Attack on Titan fans in the West. Namely, when they’ll be able to watch it with subtitles on their chosen anime streaming service of choice.

Typically, Attack on Titan episodes would air anywhere between a few days to a few weeks after airing in Japan. That wait was compounded further last year by season 3 leaks pushing the simulcast back further.

No news yet, then, on an Attack on Titan release date for those looking to stream the upcoming new episodes on Crunchyroll. As of writing, it’s still set for “later this year” with subtitled episodes coming to Funimation starting December 6.

There’s also a new ‘key visual’ showing the fresh looks of the Survey Corps, courtesy of this year's change in animation studio and style. Levi, Mikasa, and Armin all feature. No sign of lead, Eren, though. We’re not worried or anything… OK, we’re a little worried.

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Still word on how long the Final Season of Attack on Titan will last and if it will be split into two, much like the previous season. For now, those mysteries remain answered. Perhaps they’re hidden in a basement somewhere?

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