Attack on Pearl Harbor - hands-on

If you want a flight sim with more knobs and dials than you can shake your cursor at, look elsewhere. Attack on Pearl Harbor is about action and fun, not realism. "This is a beer and pretzels blow sh*t up action title - think Crimson Skies set in World War II," says Mario Kroll of publisher CDV. And there's something to be said for that. After slogging our way through enormous encyclopedic manuals of Britannica proportions, and tutorials the length of your average feature film, Attack on Pearl Harbor's back to basics approach is somewhat refreshing.

The game'sfour single-player campaigns follow the stories of pilots Douglas Knox and Zenji Yamada. As expected, you'll see all the major battles of World War II's Pacific theater during your tour of duty, like the Battle of Midway and Iwo Jima. But we were surprised to see some of history's lesser known conflicts represented, such as the Doolittle Raid, America's first aerial assault on Japan.