At $5 each, you can get these 12 great games for the price of one new game in the 2023 Steam Summer Sale

Dragon's Dogma
(Image credit: Capcom)

The 2023 Steam Summer Sale has begun, and on top of some Steam Deck savings, it's served up another raft of steep discounts on too many great games to list. 

That being said, I've used an incredibly scientific method to select and recommend 12 good games which all cost about $5. Why? Because five bucks is the perfect amount to spend in a Steam sale. It's enough money to really open up your options, but it's also cheap enough that you're probably willing to experiment and take a risk on something new or weird. With that in mind, I've paired some lesser-known greats with a few timely classics, and you can get all 12 for the price of one new $60 game. 

Here are the big new games of 2023 to keep on your radar. 

Austin Wood

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