Asura's Wrath: Capcom teases Street Fighter crossover with Ryu vs Asura image

Capcom's evidently decided that Asura's Wrath's questline – in which you take on Heaven and all its planet-sized, colossally-powerful honor guard – doesn't pack quite enough wonderfully overblown chanllenge. Accordingly, it's teased this image of the game's many-armed, cosmically-ornery hero facing off against Street Fighter's Ryu.

While not too much has been offered beyond this one teaser pic, Andriasang says it'll be part of a DLC pack Capcom has planned for Asura's Wrath – with more details forthcoming. In the meantime, the Asura's Wrath demo offers a taste of how the game's battles will play, and the full title's scheduled for release next week.