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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Secrets of London guide

Reuge's Vault (City of London)

As soon as you have all of the Secrets of London, make your way to Reuge's Vault where you'll pick up the last one in a cutscene.

The vault is on the western side of the borough of the City of London. Just make your way to the black and gold icon to find it.

Now begins the laborious process of inserting the tokens around the room. Fortunately, you only have to insert seven.

You'll be rewarded with a cutscene and The Aegis armour for Evie, which looks super fancy - especially after the upgrade.

Ta da!

With all of the Secrets of London taken care of, you can pop on your new togs and head back out into the city, looking more conspicuous than ever. If you're looking for a fancy cape to go with the armour, check out our Royal Correspondence guide.

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