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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Secrets of London guide

The Strand

Another four Secrets await you in this borough too.

Secret #25 - The Strand

The marker on the map above, to the southwest of Charring Cross Station, is where you can find the first Secret.

Leave the station and follow the road west until you reach an alley next to the printers that leads off to the right.

Head down here to the archway at the end.

Climb up to the balcony above the blue door on the left.

You'll find the music box at the top.

Secret #10 - The Strand

The next music box is on the roof of the National Gallery, to the north of the Trafalgar Square viewpoint.

Climb up to the centre ofNational Gallery's roof.

Once you're up here, look over to the right and you'll spot a small square turret. Make your way over to it.

Hop over the balcony.

The music box is on a table up here.

Secret #07 - The Strand

You'll find this Secret to the west of the viewpoint at St. Pancras Station.

From the viewpoint, look down to the right and you'll see a gazebo. Jump down and make your way over there.

The music box is at the base of the gazebo, on top of a suitcase.

Secret #16 - The Strand

The final Secret in The Strand is inside Covent Garden Market.

Head inside the western entrance.

Jump down to the level below.

Head around to the back of the stairs.

The music box is on the floor.

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