Assassins Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Abilities Guide

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations has finally arrived, and with it many more opportunities for multiplayer fun! Fun being you getting stabbed repeatedly by assailants you never saw coming. Fear not! We here at GamesRadar understand your sad plight and have put together yet another multiplayer guide to help you understand the newer abilities and how best to use them. Take our lessons to heart and you will become the most infuriating bastard assassin this side of the Ottoman Empire!

A quick note before we get started – ACR multiplayer utilizes quite a few abilities and strategies from its predecessor that are still brutally effective.

The Oldies

While we’re not going to waste time demonstrating every single one of these oldies (you can check out our last guide for that), we can show off a couple of the most widely used techniques and still cover the basics for others.


What does it do?

Activating this skill makes your chosen avatar pull a T-1000 and transform into a completely different character model.

The Basics

If you’re looking to get the drop on a potential pursuer or make a hasty retreat, Disguise is an awesome skill to have in your ability set. Just remember that whatever you’re planning on doing, you need to do it fast as Disguise only lasts for 15 seconds. Likewise, your character’s body will start flashing sporadically during the last few seconds of the ability’s duration, completely giving away your position.

Smoke Bomb

What does it do?

The Smoke Bomb ability is (still) hands-down one of the best abilities in the game. When activated, your character throws down a smoke bomb, creating a cloud that stuns and immobilizes all NPCs, targets and pursuers in its area of effect.

Technique – Smoke Bomb Fisticuffs

Just like in the AssCreed Bro days of old, the Templar’s Smoke Bomb ability still functions as a heavy deterrent to sharp pointy things invading your soft supple body. Feeling a little unsure of that shady-looking heavily armed individual power walking towards you? Hit em with Smoke Bomb.


What does it do?

Using Firecrackers will cause NPCs to panic and scream while player characters simply stand around dumbfounded. Enemy players’ screens also become blinded depending on how close they were to the AoE.

Technique – Going Fishing

This is an old strategy with a twist thanks to the new throwing mechanic introduced in ACR. By holding down the Ability button, you can throw gadgets like Firecrackers, Smoke Bombs and the new Tripwire Bomb.

The technique is simple enough. If you happen upon an exceptionally clever target who likes to utilize blend groups with multiple clones, don’t risk going in closer just to get socked right in the mouth. Toss some Firecrackers at them. All surrounding NPCs will scream and fall to their knees while your target just stands there looking confused. Make sure to kill them quickly and get out of there as the blood-curdling screams are most likely to draw attention from your pursuer.

Side note – don’t bother using this ability to defend yourself against a pursuer. Firecrackers has no stun properties, so dropping them in front of your assailant just means the guy is going to be temporarily blinded while he’s shanking you.

Hidden Gun

What does it do?

The Hidden Gun ability functions exactly the same as it did in Brotherhood. Blow someone away from a distance and get a really crappy score for it.

The Basics

Chasing someone around on the rooftops? Wasting your precious time? Pull out the Hidden Gun and just $#%*ing shoot them. The score will suck, but at least you get to move on to a new target.

Another side note – if you’re having an exceptionally difficult time tracking down a parkour-happy individual and you don’t have access to your Hidden Gun ability, just kill a random NPC. By doing this, you can reset your contract and go after somebody who isn’t flying through the air. Just make sure you don’t kill an NPC resembling your target as this will give them a +100 Lure Bonus.

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