Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer strategy guide – How to be a cheating bastard

We know it’s been hard for you in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. You’re the cold dead lump of quivering failure who lies bleeding out in the gutter while everyone else is jumping around the rooftops having fun. No more.

This guide will describe to you every ability you can unlock during online play, and give you some of the best strategies for each. Finally, you will be the one to rack up the points, grab first place and get the girl. True, you’ll probably just stab her in the neck and move on to the next target, but at least you’ll have her.


(Unlocked at Lvl 2)

What is it?
The Disguise ability works exactly the way you think it does: it transforms you into an entirely different character model. While that’s cool and all, the duration of the disguise is ridiculously short (only 15 seconds).

Technique: It wasn’t me! It was the one-armed man!

Sooner or later, you’re going to be on the business end of a Chase Sequence. Assuming that you’ve got a decent amount of distance between you and your pursuer, the Disguise ability is designed specifically to make grabbing that +100 Escape Bonus easy; however, there are other uses for this tool that don’t involve you running for your life.

You’re at your most vulnerable when taking down a target (for some pretty obvious reasons). After murdering your quarry, immediately break the line of sight with possible pursuers by darting around a corner (any corner). Get into a blend group to automatically break any lock-ons that your pursuer may have placed on you and then activate the disguise. This might seem a little pre-emptive, but it increases the chance that your pursuer will lose sight of you and kill the wrong target. This means a +100 Lure Bonus for you.

Sprint Boost

(Unlocked at Lvl 3)

What is it?
The Sprint Boost ability makes you run faster. Duh.

Technique: The Massive Coward

Being able to run faster than everyone else has its obvious benefits for certain situations. For instance, if you feel that the hooded individual power walking over towards your blend spot harbors nothing but ill intentions, why stick around? Activate Sprint Boost and get your ass out of there. Best-case scenario: Your pursuer breaks cover and you win an easy +100 Escape Bonus because there is no chance in Hell they’ll be able to keep up.

Technique: Sonic the Sociopath

If you’re a monster truck of a man (or woman?) who believes that stealth is for pussies, mix and match Sprint Boost with the Silent Hunt perk. Once your target is in sight, activate your sprinting ability and move in for a quick kill. The perk will ensure that you get +150 to +300 for the kill instead of the standard +100 kill score because your stealth meter won’t decrease as quickly.

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