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Assassins Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Abilities Guide

The New Stuff

Finally! We get to all of the hip, new fresh stuff that ACR has to offer. Read on as we impart our knowledge, tips and strategies on the four newest Abilities: Tripwire Bomb, Closure, Bodyguard and Teleport.

Tripwire Bomb

What does it do?

ACR’s new Tripwire Bomb is basically a proximity mine Smoke Bomb. Throw this gadget down and it will trigger whenever a target or pursuer walks in range.

Technique: The Ottoman Claymore

This is a nasty little trick you can use if there’s a pursuer you’d like to get rid of and you have no compunctions against camping. Find a high traffic area on the map with plenty of static blend groups and pick one to hang out in. Drop the Tripwire Bomb in front of the blend group to create a nice little buffer zone between you and the pursuer. Once the trap goes off, quickly move into the smoke cloud and go for that +200 Stun Bonus.

The most kickass aspect of this strat is that you don’t even need to know who your pursuer is. The Tripwire Bomb will do all the work for you.


What does it do?

When activated, Closure sets off every single chase breaker within 25 meters of your character. While not as versatile as the other abilities in ACR, Closure can definitely prove useful in certain situations.

Technique: Out of Order

Dealing with the exceptionally skittish parkour enthusiasts of ACR can be incredibly frustrating. Every minute is precious and being forced to gallivant across the rooftops after your target is simply a giant waste of time. Using Closure coupled with Throwing Knives can help to prevent a lot of these scenarios.

Basically, once you’ve tracked down your target, pay very careful attention to their movements. If it looks like they’re going to start sprinting towards the elevator Chase Breaker, immediately activate Closure to shut it down. Assuming that you aren’t right on top of your prey by now, they’ve probably given up on the elevator and decided to simply climb the building. Throw your knives to knock them back down and quickly finish the job.

Technique: The Roach Motel

This technique is incredibly situational, but it’s just too fun not to mention. You’ll need the Easy Chase Breaker Perk coupled with Closure. If you find yourself in a chase sequence with a target who’s run through a Chase Breaker, immediately activate Closure. This will slam the gates on the other side shut – trapping your prey in an iron box – while your Easy Chase Breaker Perk opens the gates on your end. Quickly put the poor sap out of their misery before they get any clever ideas


What does it do?

The Bodyguard ability is like a badass Chuck Norrisified version of the Decoy ability. It transforms a nearby NPC into a clone of your character who then saunters up to the nearest pursuer and stuns them. Definitely an ability worth having in your repertoire.

Technique: The Puppet Master

For this tactic, you’ll need to have both Decoy and Bodyguard as your abilities. Likewise, having the Blender Perk can also help with this.

Enter one of the roaming blend groups in your current game. The moment you feel you have a pursuer on your tail, activate both Decoy and Bodyguard. From that point, it’s simply a matter of sitting back and enjoying the show. Your would-be killer will either succumb to his murder-lust and chase off after the Decoy or get socked right in the jaw by your Bodyguard.

Technique: The Entourage

This strategy will have you using Bodyguard in tandem with the Morph ability. Just like in the last strategy, blend in with a group of roaming NPCs and Morph them. As you’re walking around with your troupe of look-alikes, you’re bound to pick up a pursuer or two trying to figure out which one is really you. Here’s where you activate Bodyguard and this is awesome for two reasons:

Enemy players usually kill the Bodyguard thinking that it’s you trying to go for the stun, which nets you a nice +100 Lure Bonus. If the enemy player doesn’t kill the Bodyguard, they get smacked in the mouth and lose the contract.


What does it do?

Once activated, your character is teleported forward 35 meters across the map. Another ability that isn’t all that versatile; but when it works, it works well.

Technique: Beam me up, Scotty

This ability was designed specifically to get the player out of hot zones and sticky situations. The only problem is that the ability takes nearly 3 seconds to activate and forces your character to stand completely still. In order to counteract this (assuming you haven’t already crafted the ability to lower its activation), you need to be preemptive.

After you’ve just finished with a particularly reckless kill and revealed your location for all the world to see, activate Teleport. Immediately. This way, you’ll be safely spirited away from all possible pursuers and have a chance to reenter a blend group.

Technique – The Nightcrawler

This honestly isn’t even a viable strategy and we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re serious about winning a match. However, it is incredibly badass if you actually manage to pull it off. Basically, if you happen to spot your target from a fair distance away (oh, let’s say about 35 meters), face them directly and activate Teleport. As you reappear, wrap things up by making some very vague X-Men quote and then pouncing on your target before they figure out what the hell is going on.