Assassin's Creed III E3 demo reveals itself with developer commentary

Ubisoft's released its Assassin's Creed III E3 demo to the masses and recruited creative director Alex Hutchinson to explain the sequel's opening scenes. Watch on as Ratonhnhaké:ton angers PETA and makes quick work of his redcoat targets in the demo walkthrough video:

GamesRadar spent time in Assassin's Creed III 's Animus during E3 2012, and we can tell you the wartime sequel looks just as good as it plays. Take that as you well, but for us it's a compliment. See why we're excited for the next numbered chapter in Desmond's saga in Assassin’s Creed III preview - Over the river and through your skull.

Assassin's Creed III is on track to stalk PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 30, 2012, in North America and October 31, 2012, in the UK. A version for the Wii U is also in development.

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