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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci Disappearance Achievements/Trophies guide

Grand Theft Dressage

Earning this means stealing five horses in a row, remaining on horseback the entire time - which actually isn't very complicated, once you know what you're doing. But it can still be tricky to pull off. Start by heading down to the Antico or Campagna districts, where mounted guards are plentiful. To steal a horse, you'll need to target a guard on horseback (it won't work with civilians, sadly), get close and assassinate him while he's unaware.

The trick is that he has to be unaware; if he's alert and haspulled his weapon, he'll knock you down and you'll have to start over. To avoid such a messy scenario, never kill a guard in front of other guards, because once they're on alert and your Notoriety is up, it can be pretty damn hard to get the drop on anybody. Just stick with it for a while and don't get off your horse for anything (unless it's an unguarded back and another horse), and you'll be 20G/one Bronze Trophy richer.

Going Up

This one's worth Bronze or 5G, and there are two ways to get it. The first is to start a fight with a group of guards, have them chase you to a lift, and then ride it up while they're right behind you. If you timed it right, you'll bury your pursuers under a pile of counterweight bricks.

There is, however, another way: During the Ezio Auditore Affair mission, you'll get this one served to you on a platter when you're all but encouraged to kill a guard (who happens to be standing right under a lift) as a diversion.

You'll find him around here:

Take the lift and the guard will die instantly, netting you an easy (if small) reward.

Strong Arm

Show of hands: how many of you even knew Ezio could throw his heavy weapons around? Turns out it's as easy as targeting a guard, holding down the attack button and then releasing it. For the Strong Arm Achievement/Trophy (10G/Bronze), you'll have to do it from more than 10 meters away.

For this, you'll want to target an unsuspecting guard who's not moving arounda lot; rooftop guards work especially well, since they'll always stop and look around while patrolling. Get close enough to target him, then get as far away as you can while still staying locked on. When you feel like you're more than 10m away, whip out your Heavy Weapon (the Bearded Axe works well), a smoke bomb or one of the polearms you can grab from guards, hold the button down and let fly. Once you've killed or stunned a guard with each, you'll have another notch in your gamerscore.

Above: Hit them while they're walking away for extra distance/awesomeness

Other Achievements/Trophies

The rest of these aren't necessarily insignificant, but they're over withtoo quickly to merit separate videos - so we mashed them together into one. Read below for details on how to score each.


This is another one that you're probably making too hard for yourself. Rather than trekking around the map looking for a mass of guards to call an arrow strike on, simply load up the first mission of Da Vinci Disappearance. When the huge pack of Hermeticists attacks, wait a second for them to close in, and then call down an arrow storm from your Assassin recruits.

If you timed it right, the Hermeticists should all be dead andanother 20G or Bronze Trophy should be yours.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Come on, you don't need our help for this, do you? Just do some bad things to build up your notoriety (wandering through crowds picking pockets is a good way to do it quickly), then bribe any herald to reduce it. Immediately after he takes the money, fast-walk into him to pick his pocket. Easiest 5G/Bronze you'll score in the DLC.

High Roller

There's no trick to netting this one quickly; it's just a matter of luck. Head over to the Thieves' Guild (southwest corner of the map) with as much money as possible. Then repeatedly make the maximum bet (7,500 florins) until you've won 10,000. Two max-wager wins should do it.

Special Delivery

To get this one, you'll need the second hidden blade (which you can buy from Da Vinci in the core game), as well asa stock ofparachutes, which Da Vinci will give youonce you've destroyed all four of his war machines. Once you've got them (assuming you don't already), this one's a little tricky to set up, but easy once you've found your mark.

Wander around on the rooftops until you find two guards standing close together; the easiest marks are the ones guarding the archways throughout the Centro district.

Once you've lined yourself up, jump off,deploy the parachute and lock onto one of your targets as soon as you're able.

Hit the attack button when you're right over them, and both should get a knife through the head, netting you an easy 20G or Bronze Trophy.

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