Arnold Schwarzenegger is open to the MCU – and we'd love to see it

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day
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Action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is open to the MCU – and frankly, we are so very excited at the possibilities. 

In conversation with Men's Health, Schwarzenegger gave his verdict on joining the Marvel universe: "If the role is right!"

Those five words have opened up a whole multiverse of opportunities. What could be better than the actual Terminator himself entering the MCU? With Schwarzenegger's seriously impressive action chops, any role is his for the taking (and he's got a knack for comedic timing too, of course). 

It doesn't seem Schwarzenegger expanded on what kind of role he'd accept, but we're thinking he'd excel as either a hero or a villain – or perhaps a multiversal variant of a character we already know and love? Imagine that Iron Man visor popping up and… it's Arnie! Also, let's not forget that Schwarzenegger's real life son-in-law is Chris Pratt, AKA the legendary Star-Lord himself. That seems ripe for a crossover. 

Schwarzenegger is keeping himself more than busy lately, though, starring in two Netflix projects. One, FUBAR, has just been released, and is the actor's first ever TV show. The series sees a father and daughter realize that they're both actually CIA operatives. Monica Barbaro stars as Schwarzenegger's daughter, while the rest of the cast includes Jay Baruchel and The Last of Us's Gabriel Luna. 

There's also a Netflix documentary about Schwarzenegger coming soon, too, which promises to dive deep on the actor's larger-than-life story. Fittingly, it's simply titled Arnold. 

Arnold arrives June 7, while FUBAR is streaming now. You can fill out your watchlist even further with our guide to the best Netflix shows

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