Armored Core fans are already playing bingo with the sequel

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Bingo is the hot new trend among video game communities, and now it's Armored Core 6's turn to share the love.

Earlier today, a post on the Armored Core subreddit sprang up, dedicating 24 entries to guessing some of the features that we'll find in Armored Core 6: The Fires of Rubicon when it eventually releases. And before you ask, yes - one of the spaces is dedicated to the loathsome Patches making a grand return.

Let's play Armored Core 6 Bingo when it is released. from r/armoredcore

There's also an entry for an 'escort mission,' which will either be lovely or terrible news for players depending on their personal history with video games. The bingo also dedicates a space to 'multiple endings,' which is a pretty safe bet considering every single one of FromSoftware's modern games since Demon's Souls.

Oh, and there's 'obligatory poison haze' snuck into the Armored Core 6 bingo. Here's hoping this entry is very wrong, and we aren't treated to yet another poison swamp-like area in a FromSoftware game. After over a decade of them, we think we've reached out breaking point, thank you very much.

In the responses to the bingo, one player reckons "Karasawa and/or Moonlight is waay too safe." Another Armored Core fan also thinks that "obligatory protect train mission and stop bio weapon infestation mission" are bets guaranteed to pay dividends come the final game launch.

Bingos are weirdly becoming more common now for fandoms before a trailer or launch. Earlier this year, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans played bingo for a new trailer, and even last year, Bayonetta 3 hopefuls were playing bingo for the final game's features. This Armored Core 6 bingo doesn't feature any pole dances, though.

Earlier this week, what could be Armored Core 6 key art leaked online via an Xbox pre-install trick, and one player was able to glean tantalizing new artwork.

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