Apple VR headset reportedly in production with battery-operated design

Oculus Quest 2
(Image credit: Facebook)

An Apple VR headset is reportedly in production, eyeing several fancy features and one expensive price tag.

This new report comes from Bloomberg News, and alleges that Apple is producing its first VR headset with a fabric design, which will operate on batteries (similar to the Oculus Quest 2). Additionally, the headset will include a fan, and could launch as soon as 2022, albeit with an expensive price tag.

However, Bloomberg's report also reveals that Apple has faced extensive challenges with production of the headset, including multiple prototypes that ended up being too heavy or too big for production. Apple is reportedly opting for a fabric design for their debut headset to offset its weight.

Right now, the Apple VR headset is said to be around the size of an Oculus Quest, and is codenamed N031. Finally, Bloomberg News claims one prototype of the VR headset incorporates an external camera to enable augmented reality features, including a virtual keyboard. This isn't something new for the company, which has apparently been experimenting with VR and AR for multiple years, according to a previous Bloomberg report in 2020.

Regardless of what the final product might look like, it's clear that the Apple VR headset is quite a way away from being revealed, let alone launching. The prospect of a VR headset incorporating AR features is nonetheless exciting for virtual reality enthusiasts looking for something new in the field.

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Hirun Cryer

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