Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition is out now with exclusive skins and more

The Apex Legends Pathfinder Edition is a new bundle that gives you two new Legendary skins, two exclusive cosmetics, and 1,000 Apex Coins. You can pick up the Pathfinder kit for PS4, Xbox One, or PC via EA Origin for $20.

Respawn revealed the Pathfinder Edition of Apex Legends with a new trailer showing off the exclusive Full Metal Robot Pathfinder skin and First Blood Havoc Rifle skin in action. "Built for maximum high-fiveage," the Pathfinder bundle also includes the exclusive Molotov Cocktail Gun Charm and Lone Bot Badge.

While you can download and play Apex Legends' base game for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the Pathfinder Edition isn't a bad deal for players who want to sport a unique look. It's also worth noting that 1,000 Apex Coins are worth $10 in the store, so if you like the exclusive cosmetics and were looking to acquire some in-game currency, the Pathfinder Edition is a solid option.

Apex Legends kicked off its fifth season earlier this month with a new character, the robot thief Loba, into the fold along with big updates to Kings Canyon, a new Battle Pass, a new Ranked Series, Season Quests, and a whole bunch more. A year after release, Apex Legends is as attractive a free-to-play shooter as ever, and you can catch up with everything new with our latest Apex Legends patch notes.

For those hoping to see Apex Legends ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X, a new job listing seems to confirm just such a thing.

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