Dragons are dropping special loot boxes in Apex Legends

Credit: Respawn

**UPDATE: This story previously stated that Apex Legends' dragons would steal loot boxes from fallen foes, which isn't true, and has thus since been corrected.**

Apex Legends season 1 is just winding down in the lead up to Apex Legends season 2, but it looks as though developer Respawn Entertainment plans to finish things with a bang... or rather, a miscellany of scales, screams, and fire. That's right; the Apex Legends dragons are finally here... but you may not be so excited once you realise what is the winged beasts are up to in the game itself. 

Arriving out of nowhere, players have discovered Apex's dragons (officially known as "flyers) flying around with loot boxes, and anyone who manages to shoot one of the soaring reptiles down will find said box on the floor belonging to someone on their Apex Legends Friends list, and available to mine for extra weapons and resources. Check out the video below to see one such dragon carrying the booty in action. 

Previously, these high-flyers had been spotted soaring above the Apex Legends map, but had never interacted with players themselves, but invested competitors are already discussing this latest development at length on the game's Reddit page, especially as - if you don't have any Apex players in your friends list and shoot a Flyer down - the fallen loot box will feature the name of a developer from Respawn Entertainment. Cute!

Respawn has also started making cryptic teases on social media, starting with this 'Alert' screen on Twitter:

The next season of Respawn's free-to-play battle royale - which has previously teased reptilian monsters in its E3 2019 trailer - is due to start in a few weeks' time, on July 2, and will introduce new playable hero Apex Legends Wattson alongside a bunch of other content and several changes to the map itself. 

Perhaps we can expect more from the dragons in the lead up to this next update who - at present - are little more than a novelty to anyone looking to steal some loot from their supposedly departed friends. 

In the meantime, check out every item and cosmetic that's included with the first Apex Legends battle pass in the video below.  

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