Animal Crossing: New Horizons player discovers glitch to place items in center of table

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A savvy Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan has discovered a way to place items in the center of the large round tables by using the previously discovered pool glitch. 

In a post shared to Reddit, one user revealed a way for players to place an item in the center of a 2x2 table. Fans of the game will already know the frustration of displaying a large round table on your island only to have any decorative items you place on top of it hang off the edge as they are only able to sit in a four-grid formation. 

Using a Natural Garden Table with the now-famous Animal Crossing: New Horizons pool glitch - which requires players to step on a flat item placed on the floor to warp through objects - this player manages to navigate themselves through the table and allows them to place Mom’s Candle Set in the middle of it. Something probably only long-suffering fans of the series will get excited about. 

Other fans of the glitch-trick replied in the comments of the post praising the discovery whilst also stating that they wish Nintendo would implement some kind of feature that allows players to pull this trick off without glitching the game. 

The pool glitch was first discovered last month and resulted in many players living it up in the sunshine by using the glitch to warp inside of the likes of paddling pools, rivers, and even fish tanks. As suspected when the glitch originally surfaced online though, there’s a chance this could get patched out in a new update - so those desperate to place things in the center of their table or take a dip in the pool should try this trick out for themselves ASAP. 

This is just one of several harmless hacks players have discovered whilst playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One which can make island life just that little bit more efficient is the Island Clean Up storage hack which unintentionally lets players store things like DIY recipes and Shrubs in their Recycling Bin that can’t be stored anywhere else. Another one to try out is the custom design slot saver hack which allows players to rotate custom designs in their homes and save that sacred design space.

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