How to get Gyroids and Gyroid Fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gyroids have arrived, aiming to bring you something new to collect in-game and funk up your island life with their bizarre beats. These odd little instruments start their lives as Gyroid Fragments, and then it's up to you too grown them into fully-fledged beings. This is all down to the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0. Like previous Animal Crossing titles, there are some quirks and tricks as to getting hold of the Gyroids in their various forms. So here's how to get and grow Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Finding Gyroid fragments

How to find your first Gyroid fragment

Before Gyroid fragments will start spawning organically on your island, you're going to have to do a couple of things first. Here's what you need to do:

1. Speak to Blathers

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Although Gyroids aren't a collectible item, you'll want to go and speak to Blathers in the museum if you're on the hunt for gyroids. Here he'll speak to you about his intention to add a cafe to the museum, and mention his old friend Brewster. Now, while the core intention to find Brewster and get him to open The Roost on your island, it also happens that Brewster gets almost as excited about gyroids as Blathers does about fossils. So, in order to find gyroids, you'll need to find Brewster, which involves a trip to a remote island via another returning character - Kapp'n. 

2. Take a Kapp'n tour

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Head over to see Kapp'n at the pier and take a trip with him. Now, it's worth noting that you can only take one Kapp'n tour per day, so if you've already sailed the seas, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to start your Gyroid adventuring. But, if you can, it'll cost you 1000 Nook Miles to take a tour, and the island he'll take you to after you've had the chat with Blathers is a special one. 

3. Find a digging spot (and meet Brewster)

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On this island, you'll find Brewster, the coffee-loving pigeon, who you'll want to speak to in order to get one step closer to unlocking The Roost. But, more importantly, it's on this island that you'll find your first Gyroid fragment. Look for a digging spot on the ground, as if you were looking for a fossil, and then dig it up. This will earn you your first Gyroid fragment. Once you've dug it up, take it back to your island and follow the next steps.

How to grow Gyroids

How to turn your Gyroid fragment into a Gyroid

1. Dig a hole

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First, what you'll need to do is dig yourself a little hole. Just as you would for anything like trees or bushes. 

2. Bury your Gyroid fragment

(Image: © Nintendoo)

Then, go into your inventory, and select the Gyroid fragment. Opt for the 'Bury in Hole' option and slam that fragment deep in the earth. 

3. Water the site

(Image: © Nintendoo)

Now the next stage is the most important - you need to water it. Like a strange musical flower, if you don't water it you won't get a Gyroid the next day. 

4. Watch for the smoke

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You'll know if you've done it right because after you've watered your Gyroid spot, strange smoke will start emerging from the crack. Handy for letting you know not to dig this one up again later thinking it's a fossil.

5. Wait until the next day and then dig it up

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The next day, you'll be able to dig up a fully-fledged Gyroid from that same spot and start your collection. From now on, you'll start finding Gyroid fragments appearing at dig spots on your island after it rains or snows. 

How to find Gyroid fragments

How to find more Gyroid Fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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After you've found your first Gyroid courtesy of Brewster, then you'll be able to find more on your travels. Firstly, you'll find them on your own island at dig sites the day after rain or snow. Secondly, you'll also find them at dig sites on many boat tours you'll go on with Kapp'n, so keep a shovel with you.

How to customize Gyroids

Head to your workbench and use a customization kit

(Image: © Nintendo)

Gyroids can be customized in the same way as the majority of other items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Grab yourself a customization kit - you'll only need one per color change handily - and then go to your workbench to customize it. You can choose from around five colorways per Gyroid by the looks of it.   

Full Gyroid list

The full Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gyroids list

A Bubbloid Gyroid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We'll be updating this list to discover all the different Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gyroids you'll be able to find. So far in the series there have been 39 Gyroid family types, ranging from Alloids to Warbloid, and all delivering different noises and movements that you can then combine together. 

Here are the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gyroids revealed and discovered so far:

  • Aliminoid
  • Arfoid
  • Babbloid
  • Bendoid
  • Bloopoid
  • Bwongoid
  • Boomoid
  • Brewstoid
  • Bubbloid
  • Clatteroid
  • Crumploid
  • Dootoid
  • Drummoid
  • Flutteroid
  • Jingloid
  • Laseroid
  • Oinkoid
  • Petaloid
  • Rattloid
  • Ringoid
  • Rumbloid
  • Scatteroid
  • Spikenoid
  • Sproingoid
  • Squeakoid
  • Squeezoid
  • Stelloid
  • Thwopoid
  • Tockoid
  • Tremoloid
  • Twangoid
  • Wallopoid
  • Whirroid
  • Whistloid
  • Xylophoid

And here's the full list of Gyroids in the series so far, thanks to Nookipedia:

  • Alloid 
  • Bovoid 
  • Bowtoid 
  • Brewstoid 
  • Buzzoid 
  • Clankoid 
  • Croakoid 
  • Dekkoid 
  • Dingloid 
  • Dinkoid 
  • Drilloid 
  • Droploid 
  • Echoid 
  • Fizzoid 
  • Freakoid 
  • Gargloid 
  • Gongoid 
  • Harmonoid 
  • Howloid 
  • Lamentoid 
  • Lullaboid 
  • Metatoid 
  • Nebuloid 
  • Oboid 
  • Oombloid 
  • Percoloid 
  • Plinkoid 
  • Poltergoid 
  • Puffoid 
  • Quazoid 
  • Rhythmoid 
  • Rustoid 
  • Sproid 
  • Sputnoid 
  • Squelchoid 
  • Strumboid 
  • Timpanoid 
  • Tootoid 
  • Warbloid 

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