It's taken almost a year for someone to spot this cameraman hiding in Andor

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Maybe Andor isn’t perfect after all. An eagle-eyed Star Wars fan has spotted a crew member hiding in the background of the penultimate episode of the first season of the hit Disney Plus series.

Scrub forward to 5:44 during the ‘Daughters of Ferrix’ and you’ll see a camera operator keeping tabs on things in a settlement. Oops.

Found a Cameraman in Andor! from r/StarWars

The Andor gaffe is the latest in a surprisingly long line of goofs in a galaxy far, far away. Of course, there’s Jeans Guy, the infamous jeans-wearing crew member who inexplicably showed up in the background of an episode of The Mandalorian – before being removed.

Then there was The Book of Boba Fett’s moped chase, one which gave us a bit too much of a sneak peek at the practical sets built for the Star Wars spin-off. Even the 1977 original has one of Hollywood’s funniest bloopers, involving a Stormtrooper knocking his head on a passageway on the Death Star. The Force was strong with that one.

And just so we’re not picking on Star Wars, you may remember an episode of The Last of Us earlier this year that was littered with some accidental cameos from the crew. The sixth episode saw both an entire crew unit shown in one shot as well as an animal handler during the moment where Ellie meets Shimmer. Don’t worry, you can’t spot them anymore: they were edited out by HBO within days.

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