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This Avengers: Infinity War leak reveals a superhero pairing and a teasing line of dialogue

Avengers: Infinity War already has every superhero under the sun, which means some cool and unexpected team-ups are bound to happen. Conveniently enough, there’s been a cheeky leak from Reddit suggesting Spider-Man is teaming up with a superhero that couldn’t be more different than him – and it just might hint at what Thanos has in store for the Avengers.

Taken from /marvelstudios on Reddit, the show clearly shows Spider-Man (complete with the Iron-Spider costume from Spider-Man: Homecoming) and Doctor Strange in the same shot, with an oncoming Strange warning Peter to “Protect them. They’re not dead.”

"Protect them" "They're not dead" YA'LL!!!!! #BenedictCumberbatch #TomHolland #infinitywar

A photo posted by @avengers_cast on Jul 19, 2017 at 2:43pm PDT

Doctor Strange has a whole vocabulary of weird and wonderful spells, but that’s certainly a strange turn of phrase. Clearly Spidey (and possibly the world at large) thinks that a group of people have died, or are on the verge of dying, but Doctor Strange knows otherwise. What’s up with that?

If we delve back into the Infinity Gauntlet comics from the ‘90s it sets some alarm bells ringing. Not only did a large percentage of the population disappear from existence in the Thanos-themed event series, it was all because Thanos finally got his hands on the completed Infinity Gauntlet. Seriously, the dude literally clicks his fingers and kills off half the planet. 

Strange, having access to a whole bunch of dimensions, would be well-versed in knowing exactly where those people might have disappeared too. You can bet that some of the Avengers are on the MIA list, too.

Image: Marvel

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