American Horror Stories announces 20 members of its star-studded cast including Danny Trejo as… Santa

American Horror Stories teaser
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Ryan Murphy's bringing many, many actors aboard his latest project, American Horror Story spin-off American Horror Stories. In a teaser video the showrunner dropped on social media, the upcoming anthology show – as well as continuing to look increasingly creepy – plans to have at least 20 named actors in its cast. 

This roster includes familiar faces from the flagship series, who will tackle fresh roles in the new show. John Carol Lynch is on board as Larry Bitterman, Naomi Grossman as Rabid Ruth, Billie Lourd as Liv Whitley, and Matt Bomer as Michael. 

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Here's the rest of today's newest additions, as revealed in order in the video: Gavin Creel as Troy, Sierra McCormick as Scarlett, Ashley Martin Carter as Rowena, Paris Jackson as Maya, Belissa Escobedo as Shanti, Kaia Gerber as Ruby, Aaron Tveit as Adam, Rhenzy Feliz as Chad, Madison Bailey as Kelley, Kyle Red Silverstein as Quinn, Amy Grabow as Tipper Gore, Dillon Burnside as James, Nico Greetham as Zinn, Charles Melton as Wyatt, Kevin McHale as Barry, Virginia Gardner as Bernadette, and Danny Trejo as Santa. Phew. 

Now, is Trejo playing the Santa? As in the holly jolly chap in the red jumpsuit with a fondness for Christmas cookies and sliding down chimneys? Or perhaps he's enlisted as another unlucky soul set to meet his maker during the holidays? Trejo's milieu as a muscled genre hard-hitter means we'll likely see him kicking butt, in any case.

Murphy announced the series back in May 2020 promising AHS stars "you know and love" were set to appear. Other links to the main show were recently teased, with Rubber Man from Murder House appearing on early marketing materials. 

With potential story ties and casting ties, who's to say Stories won't sync up with the return of American Horror Story season 10? The main show, titled Double Feature, is also scheduled to debut this summer on FX with fan favorites Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock all set to return.

The first two episodes of American Horror Stories start streaming July 15 with the remainder of its seven-episode run airing each Thursday. American Horror Story: Double Feature premieres on FX, August 25. Here's how you can stream American Horror Story to get yourself prepped for the arrival of the new season.

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