American Gods season 3 release date revealed by Neil Gaiman

Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle in American Gods
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American Gods season 3 will premiere on January 10 on Starz in the US, dropping on Amazon Prime worldwide the next day.

Author and executive producer Neil Gaiman shared the release date on Twitter, saying: “Everything you wanted to know about when American Gods Series 3 is starting in the US. (I've seen finished cuts of the first 4 episodes and rough cuts of all of them. It's really good.) (And it starts internationally the following day.).” Attached to the tweet was a letter.

“America must be for all of us, and “American Gods” must reflect that,” Gaiman wrote. “This season truly feels as if it does. It’s full of drama and emotion, the very real and the utterly strange, and it features some of the finest performances the show has yet seen. It brings back favorite characters, some in remarkable new ways, and we will encounter people and gods we’ve never met before.”

As well as being an executive producer on the show, Gaiman is also the author of the novel that the series is based on. The fantasy drama stars Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane as protagonist Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday, one of the Old Gods. It’s set in a world where mythological gods exist and begin to clash with humans’ New Gods, like Technology and Media. Season 3 will follow Shadow as he attempts to build a normal life and reject his destiny as the son of the god Odin.

“The struggles of the gods and the people in Season 3 of ‘American Gods’ are the struggles of America,” Gaiman continued in his letter. “We didn’t think it would prove as timely when we plotted it, nor did I think the novel would still be relevant when I wrote it over 20 years ago. But I’m glad it’s happening now, in a year when it feels as though diverse stories are being heard, and honored, and allowed to change the future.”

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