Amazon Prime Day dates confirmed for this month - its earliest one yet

amazon prime day date confirmed
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This year's Amazon Prime Day dates have finally been confirmed and it's happening earlier than you might have expected. Amazon Prime Day 2021 will begin at 12am PDT on Monday, June 21, and end at 11:59pm PDT Tuesday, June 22. 

With the pandemic delaying last year's event to October, we're happy to see the sale return to a summer slot, although it's actually happening a month earlier than the usual mid-to-late July date. Amazon will of course be facing increased competition for our money this year as we look to potentially spend saved up cash on holidays, restaurants, and bars with more countries and cities able to come out of lockdown. So maybe that's why it's going early.

More Prime Day dates to come

Another factor is that we believe Amazon will actually want to distance this Prime Day sale out from another one in October. While yet to confirm the rumors that another Prime Day event will be happening in October, we think it makes sense as having a Prime Day in the same quarter as Black Friday and Cyber Monday allowed Amazon to have a record-breaking quarter last year, and it will be keen to try and break that this year or at least maintain a similar number.

We think this summer's Prime Day is going to be the best one though, as last year's October Prime Day was a bit on the disappointing side in terms of great deals - as it was so close to Black Friday, savvy buyers knew to hold onto their cash for a better deal a month later, and manufacturers setting prices for their items knew it too. 

With nothing else on the horizon though, Prime Day 2021 in June could be a fantastic event, especially for tech and gaming enthusiasts. Yes, Amazon will have the best prices of the year on its best Kindle e-readers and Echo devices, but our hottest hope is for some show-stopping - but hopefully not website-breaking - Prime Day PS5 deals

Amazon has been notoriously low-key on the PS5 stock front this year compared to all other retailers, and it could be that Bezos and co are hoarding PS5 units to unleash them over Prime Day. We're expecting great discounts on the best PS5 headsets, along with PS5 SSD and PS5 external hard drive deals for sure too. Xbox Series X stock will almost certainly feature as well.

We'll be rounding up the hottest Prime Day TV deals as TVs always feature. These range from super cheap 4K Toshiba Fire TVs, all the way up to the best OLED TV picks. So if you're looking for something from our best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X guides, chances are it'll be cheaper on Prime Day. 

Prime Day laptop deals are set to be another key highlight. Whether you're looking for an upgrade to help make working from home easier, a new Chromebook to get away from endless Windows issues, or maybe treating yourself to a fancy new piece of kit you might find on our best gaming laptop page, we'll be scouring for the hottest offers of the day.

We'll be bringing you updates through the Amazon Prime Day deals event in the world of gaming and tech. But if you're after a wider roundup including all those coffee makers and electric toothbrushes, then be sure to check out the main roundup from our friends at TechRadar too. 

For all you creative types out there, the good folk at Creative Bloq will be digging out deals on the best drawing tablets amongst the best Amazon Prime Day Apple deals as well.

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