Forget amiibo and Skylanders, Amazon now lets you 3D print your own video game figurines

3D printing technology continues to evolve and become more mainstream, and you don't get much more mainstream than The online retailer has partnered with 3D print specialist company Sandboxr, and now allows customers to create figurines based on the Smite (PC/Xbox One), Infinity Blade (iOS) and Primal Carnage (PC) video game properties.

If you're interested in acquiring a figure, simply browse the Amazon storefront, choose the character you'd like, and click "personalize now." From there, you can change various options depending on which video game your character belongs to. Pick an Infinity Blade character and you can change their armor, helmet, weapon and pose, while Smite and Primal Carnage characters can have their base and pose customized.

Unlike amiibo, Skylanders, or any of the other various "toys to life" however, these figures do nothing special in-game. They're just there to look cool (and maybe fight with He-Man and the Ninja Turtles when you're bored).

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Sam Prell

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