The Amazing Spider-Man beginner's guide

Getting used to a new set of Spidy-powers can be a little daunting, especially when you have more cross-species monsters and killer robots than webbing. But don't get your tight spandex in a bunch, BradyGames has teamed up with Games Radar to help you get through the first level of The Amazing Spider-Man. We'll help you through the dangerous corridors of Oscorp Towers, with maps, tutorials and eight arms worth of good ol' fashion elbow grease.

The Unofficial Oscorp Tour: Five Minutes Before the Incident

Gwen is looking for proof that the new director of Oscorp, Alistaire Smythe, is continuing the former director’s cross-species experiments even after the lab accident that turned Connors into the Lizard. At the end of the tour (2), Gwen and Peter discover the proof they were looking for as they see a giant cross-species being ushered through the high security passages.

After the unusually calm Dr. Smythe catches you and Gwen in the facilities after-hours he dismisses the creature as one of the many cross-species that he is trying to dispose of and then guides you into the main lab. He assures Peter and Gwen that as of tonight the remaining cross-species are being shipped out for safe disposal. As you work your way down to the lower level, Gwen and Peter notice the caged creatures reacting to Peter’s genetic makeup.

Peter is pushed out of the lab for his safety, as the creatures break free from captivity. The human-rat mutation from the large central cage breaks free, bites Gwen, and leaps to a high platform. It’s time to play.

Get Gwen to the Quarantine!

Peter changes into Spider-Man and enters the room while facing Gwen on the high platform (3). Press and quickly release the Web Rush button while looking at Gwen (she becomes highlighted in green). Web Rush briefly stops time as you quickly navigate to a specific target. You can upgrade this time-stopping feature as you progress.

Jump Tutorial

Spider-Man sweeps her up, away from the beast, and Web-Swings to the safety of the next room. There is nothing to collect in the first room (4). With Gwen safely on your back, Web-Swing or use the Jump button to clear the debris to reach the next hallway. In this hallway (5) you learn that Smythe’s robots are programmed to protect humans from cross-species (which includes Peter Parker).

Continue through the next room where, through protective windows, you see creatures attacking scientists. In the next hallway you can grab your first collectible in the game.

Audio Evidence

Look on the floor to the left, midway through the short hallway, to find the glowing Audio Evidence collectible. Notice the twinkling sound bite that plays as you near it. This is an audible clue that helps you locate many collectibles.

Web-Swing Tutorial

In the next chamber (6) you are formally introduced to Web-Swinging. Press the indicated button to Web-Swing across the chamber to the ledge on the opposite end. Hold the Web-Swing button to shoot multiple, well placed strands of web on the ceiling to carry you across the room. Jump over the obstructions in the next hallway and Web-Swing through another wrecked lab chamber.

Web-Strike, Attack & Dodge Tutorial

You soon reach a second level ledge in a large round lab (7) overlooking three insect-looking robots. Spider-Man sets Gwen down and automatically shoots a web at a Medical Sentry behind him and then slings it at the three on the floor to begin the battle.

Press the Dodge button when indicated to perform a spectacular enemy avoidance move that ends with another hit on the enemy if performed correctly. When animated distress lines emanate from Spider-Man’s head (which indicates his Spider-Sense is tingling) you know that an enemy is close to connecting an attack. At this point you should Dodge or Web-Retreat (which we cover a little later in this guide).

Web Rush Tutorial

When you press the Web Rush button and scan around the room with the camera control, targets and landing locations are highlighted around the room. Objects you can use against enemies are also highlighted. When you center on a target, release the Web Rush button and Spider-Man shoots a strong, springy web at the target that pulls him directly into close combat range. Once in close combat, repeatedly press the Attack button to destroy the target. Spider-Man releases multiple combos during this button-mashing maneuver.

After you defeat the enemies, combos are calculated and experience points (XP) are tallied. You unlock Upgrades when you level up by completely filling your current combat XP bar. Web Rush mode is introduced after you win the battle. Web Rush is a non-combat version of Web-Strike; it’s performed in the same fashion. Press and hold the Web Rush button, select your target, and release the button to spring directly to it via a Web-Shot that reaches incredible distances. Use this skill to reach Gwen on the balcony where you left her.