The Amazing Spider-Man beginner's guide

Objective: Get To the Earthquake’s Epicenter

Spider-Man explains to Connors what happened a few hours ago, as he struggled to fight and contain the cross-species now loose in Manhattan.

Boss Battle: S-01

Following the star icon on the Manhattan map to a small park, Spider-Man successfully tracks down the cross-species Iguana that escaped from the lab.

In doing so, he is also confronted by one of Alistaire Smythe’s giant robots which has been dispatched to contain the cross-species threat. Unfortunately, Spider-Man is in its programmed termination list.

During this battle you must avoid taking damage from the robot’s attacks while hitting various weak points on the robot using Spider-man’s Web Rush ability.

Stage One

In the first stage of the battle the plating around the robot’s head is highlighted in red. You must Web-Strike this area while avoiding the robot’s attack. Once on the robot head, Spider-Man smashes the large orange sensor there. Afterward, Spider-Man back flips away. While in the air from the back flip you can Web-Strike the next orange sensor on the side of the beast’s head. After destroying that weak point it’s on to the other side of the robot’s head to smash the third sensor. This opens the robot’s wing-like panels that surround its abdomen.

Stage Two

Next, you must Web-Swing until you can get around to the vulnerable backside of the robot to the highlighted weak point on its abdomen. Web-Strike the highlighted area and Spider-Man kicks the sensor located there. When control returns you are on the ground facing the angered robot. Avoid its large frontal laser attack by Web-Swinging and again circling the beast looking for an opportunity to Web-Strike its glowing head again. This time the Web-Strike launches you to one of the robot’s insect-like laser eyes.

Once you land on an eye, keep pressing the indicated Attack button until the S-01 shoots a thick laser from its damaged eye. Avoid these attacks by pressing the Dodge button. Continue to attack and dodge until you destroy the eye. Repeat this attack with the remaining eye on the other side of the robot’s head.

Stage Three

With the eyes destroyed, one blue reactor begins to glow on each of S-01’s six legs. Web-Shoot each reactor until you destroy all six. This can be done while swinging and releasing from a web (shooting the web in your drop) but it’s much easier to just run around the robot and quickly shoot each reactor. Once you’ve destroyed all the reactors the robot falls flat on the ground and its head becomes the final target. S-01’s head lights up red. Face it, and then press the Deactivate S-01 button (Web-Strike) to finish it off by prying its mouth open, forcing it to swallow one of its own deployed missiles.

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