Amazing Spider-Man 2 collectible audio log locations guide

No One is Safe! 

Felicia Hardy Journal 01: When you enter the theatre, walk to the far end of the bar and make a right turn to find this on the ground behind the wall there.

Wilson Fisk Journal 01: When inside the theatre, walk to the stage and on the left side will be a small alcove with this inside it.

Felicia Hardy Journal 02: When you tail the waiter through the first open door from the main theatre, look behind the door as you go through.

Felicia Hardy Journal 03: Once you free the hostages from the three thugs backstage, look for this log atop the stairs at the far end.

Wilson Fisk Journal 02: Just before you exit through the large red door backstage, look up on the scaffolding to the right side to find this.

Wilson Fisk Journal 03: When you reach the docks and need to destroy the 4 weapon crates, go all the way to the far end and hop over the fence there to find some trucks. On the back of the left most truck will be the audio log.

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