The best SDCC toy announcements 2023, from X-Men '97 to Pokemon

A selection of toys from SDCC 2023
(Image credit: Mattel, Hasbro)

Although San Diego Comic-Con 2023 wasn't exactly what we were expecting this year, all the new SDCC toys and action figures that were announced still managed to impress. Or weird us out. Often at the same time, actually.

Everything from Marvel Legends to Funko delivered cool collectibles for this year's event, and while some were to be expected (more additions to Star Wars The Vintage Collection, for example), others took us totally by surprise. SDCC toys of Steven Spielberg shooting Jurassic Park? A Magicarp made up of Mega bricks that flops about? I mean, sure. Why not? 

Because a lot was unveiled, I've whittled the list down to my favorite SDCC toys, collectibles, and action figures right here.  

New X-Men '97 figures

A lineup of X-Men '97

(Image credit: Hasbro)
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Release dateTBC

Hasbro's been gradually delving deeper into the X-Men Animated Series roster, and now it's created a new wave for the upcoming X-Men '97. And dear lord, these action figures are good-looking. Along with classic 1990s Gambit and Rogue (read: the best ones), Wolverine, Magneto, Storm and Bishop all look incredible. From shots on the show-floor, they're just as handsome in person too.

Unfortunately, we don't know when these are hitting shelves or how much they'll cost. However, Marvel Legends marketer Dan Yung noted in a reply on his Twitter account that we could get more info next week.

Mega Magicarp

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Price$65 / £63
Release dateOctober 2023

Mega is a rival to those classic Danish bricks seen in the best Lego sets, and it's been used to create kits for everything from Gyarados to Charmander. Now comes a quasi-sequel (or should that be prequel?) to the former - Magicarp. It's a gloriously goofy idea and comes with a handle on the base so that you can make the Poke-fish flop around. Wonderful.

You can pre-order it direct from Mattel for $65

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Ghost

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Price$499.99 / £499.99
Release dateDecember 2024

While the new Vintage Collection Imperial Officers from the original trilogy (available from Hasbro Pulse for $59.99) are cool and all, they're overshadowed both literally and metaphorically by the new Ghost. This massive figure recreates the ship from Rebels and Ahsoka in painstaking detail, so it's no surprise that HasLab's crowdfunding campaign for it succeeded. It may be $499.99 at Hasbro Pulse, but when you look at the extensive detailing both inside and out (extending to a detachable extra craft and a cockpit with each character's personalized seat), that's no surprise.

Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary)

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Price$30 / £29
Release dateTBC

There's something gloriously absurd about getting an action figure of Steven Spielberg filming Jurassic Park this SDCC. I mean, don't get me wrong. He's one of the greats and this is a really cool way of honoring him. The fact that it's sold out at Mattel already is another indicator of how in-demand it is. But seeing toy-Spielberg set up in dioramas 'filming' other action figures shooting the movie tickles me. 

You can see it on Mattel's store where it would go for $30... but for now, it's out of stock.

Knightfall 30th Anniversary Batman

Knightfall Batman 30th Anniversary action figure

(Image credit: McFarlane)
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Release dateSDCC exclusive

One of the few villains to ever break Batman was Bane during the Dark Knight's Knightfall storyline, and this action figure by McFarlane harkens back to that era with a premium, seven-inch take on the character's '90s costume. Unfortunately, it was only sold at SDCC 2023, so anyone who didn't make it to the show might be out of luck in terms of picking up their own version.

You can see more via McFarlane's website.

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