UPDATE: The SNES Mini was back in stock for three beautiful hours. But now it has gone again

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UPDATE: Three hours later, that's the SNES Mini out of stock again. We'll update this story again if they come back in any region, but for now, do feel free to head over to our  Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals page, to quell your sadness with other hot Nintendo delights at a limited cost. 

Let's waste no time here, because let's face it, there might not be much left before these sell out all over again. Nintendo has restocked the excellent SNES Mini classic console at the official UK Nintendo store. It's a marvelous machine, and if you have the slightest interest in Nintendo, retro gaming, or just really, really bloody good 2D game design and MIDI soundtracks, you are going to want to snap one up, whether you've been tapping your foot waiting for a restock or not. And unlike the original release of the machine, this one comes with an actual plug! Truly, Black Friday is a time of blessings. 

How do you get one? Just look below. 

SNES Mini and AC adapter Less that £80 for an (actually available) recreation of one of Nintendo's finest consoles, with possibly the best ever versions of a whole lot of its finest games. Snap it up quick for £79.99 at the Nintendo UK Store

No word yet on whether the Nintendo US store will be getting more stock for Black Friday, but we'll keep you posted. 

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