Adrien Brody is in Bloom

As he prepares to follow up what was easily one of Total Film’s favourite movies in 2006 - hard-bitten high school noir Brick – Rian Johnson is gathering together a top-notch cast for con-job The Brothers Bloom.

In addition to the already announced Rachel Weisz, who will play a millionaire that the titular siblings attempt to swindle for one last big payday, Johnson has nabbed King Kong’s Adrien Brody and current Oscar-nominated Babel star Rinko Kikuchi.

Brody, who according to Johnson got the part thanks to his "natural charm and intelligence," will play the youngest of the brotherly pair, who longs to get out of the swindling game. Meanwhile Kikuchi has signed on as the boys’ accomplice, a master con artist who has secrets of her own. "Rinko blew me - and everyone else in the world - away in Babel,” enthused Johnson to The Hollywood Reporter.

With more than $20 million to spend this time round (Brick’s budget was less than $1 million), Johnson will pick up his director’s megaphone again on March 19 to launch a shoot planned for 12 countries across Europe and Asia. Crossed fingers that we have another winner on our hands…