Ace Ventura 3 is a go

Welcome one, welcome all, to the end of the world. Why are we being quite so melodramatic? Because the Ace Ventura franchise has crawled from the grave and is rearing its freakish head once more.

After seemingly being finished by the staggeringly unfunny follow-up When Nature Calls, the Ace franchise has lain dormant for 12 years. But now a new team in on hand to dig it up and try to make it work.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Jim Carrey, a sequelophobe since Nature’s awful arrival, has decided not to rejoin the madness. No, the mantle is instead being handed to Ventura’s son, to be played in this unwanted threequel by Josh Flitter. Who? If you’ve been unlucky enough to witness either the new Nancy Drew or License To Wed, you’ll have seen him.

The plot, which has been birthed by writers Jason Heimberg, Justin Heimberg and Jeff Sank, concerns the boy taking on his dad’s job when his mother is framed for stealing a baby panda. David M Evans kicks off directing the thing in Florida this September. Allrighty then! Also, kill us now, please.

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