A Warzone 2 DMZ update accidentally made its terrifying NPCs even smarter

Warzone 2 dmz chemist
(Image credit: Activision)

The NPCs of the Warzone 2 DMZ have been terrorizing players since launch, and a recent update made them even terrifying - but apparently that change was implemented accidentally, and has now been fixed.

"A change implemented in the Season 01 Reloaded update unintentionally resulted in base AI Combatant difficulty being increased across DMZ that was only intended for a specific area," developer Raven Software says in a tweet. "We have released a fix to address this issue."

It's unclear what the 'specific area' actually is, though there's a pretty good chance it's the mysterious DMZ Building 21. This biological laboratory, described as "hyper-dangerous new area of DMZ", has appeared in a load of previews and rundowns for the new update, but players haven't actually managed to find the lab in-game. Nobody's even sure if it's possible to reach at all just yet.

The DMZ AI enemies have been so dangerous that players were throwing around terms like "Terminator mode" at Warzone 2's launch. When they suddenly, without warning, got even more powerful, players were left scratching their collective head about why.

The especially funny thing is that the patch notes for the latest update actually note a nerf for AI combatants - albeit, just i  Warzone 2 proper. Stronghold and Blacksite opponents in the main battle royale mode now deal less damage, appear in smaller numbers, and with more time between waves.

A Warzone 2 player managed to win five straight games and detonate a nuke without firing a shot - we're pretty sure that's still a war crime, though.

Dustin Bailey
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