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A quick look at PAX East 2011

Look:We've told you before, but you have no business not being at PAX anymore.Gabe and Tycho havebeen accommodating enough to set this shebang up on multiple coasts, so if you can motivate your fat happy ass to attend: Tough Titties. That said, you still deserve to see the amazing sites that litter the PAX East 2011showfloor because... well, everything here was made with you in mind. Enjoy

Above: A view from the top

Above: The few women who attend PAX usually end up ingested by giant mechs

Above: Picka-Blimp

Above: Epic age gate!

Above: Fable III: No longer a myth!

Above: Yet another great banner nearly ruined by those fucking Plants vs Zombies cone hats

Head to the next page to see the spreads ofL.A. Noire, 3DS, and Goddamned Duke Nukem Forever!