A GTA Trilogy rain mod is already in development following the collection's release last week

GTA Trilogy on Nintendo Switch
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A GTA Trilogy rain mod is currently in development after many players complained about how overbearing the rain is in the remastered collection. 

Posted in the GTA Trilogy mods subreddit, one user - coincidentally also named GTATrilogyMods - shared a screenshot of a mod they’re currently working on which, according to the post, fixes the heavy, hard to see through rain effect in the remastered collection. 

As you can see from GTATrilogyMods’ post, the before screen (on the left) features a much more obvious rain effect which is made up of a tonne of white lines that fall at an incredibly fast pace down the screen, which can be incredibly distracting when playing the game. GTATrilogyMods’ version however is much more subtle and - although still visible - gives off the same feel of rain without having it distract the player.

Just a few days after the post was made on Reddit, the ‘[SA:DE] Rain Fix V1.1’ mod was uploaded and became available to download from GTATrilogyMods’ Patreon page. According to the mod’s creator, all they did was make the raindrops more transparent which has clearly made all the difference. The modder has also said that this is only the beginning of their career as a GTA Trilogy modder with more projects in the pipeline soon. 

Unfortunately, the GTA Trilogy’s launch hasn’t been completely plain sailing. First of all, the game was seemingly pulled from the PSN Store just a few hours before launch after pre-orders began unlocking early. Not only this but long-time fans have also voiced complaints about the quality of the remaster with some of the game’s remastered character models looking completely different from their original counterparts. 

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