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9 things we never expected to see at Leipzig

Aug 23, 2007

Before we headed out to this week's Leipzig Games Convention we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to see - lots and lots of games. And, sure enough, games-a-plenty we have certainly seen. However, the show has provided us with oodles of surprises and wtf! moments inside - and outside - the Leipziger Messe's five enormous halls. Here, then, are nine things we never expected to see at the show...

Ladies with their norks out

Sure, we knew that there would be many scantily clad hotties parading the showfloor, but we weren't expecting to see any of them 90% in the buff - the other intimate 10% being covered by a pair of skimpy pants. OK, so the ladies in question are completely dipped in body paint, but boobs al fresco is still enough to make you choke on your wiener schnitzel. And why are these Dulux puppies at the show? To promote mouse mats.What a strange, beautiful industry we play in.