9 horribly embarrassing ways to die in a video game

Death by crate

Embarrassingly ending your life in: Modern Warfare 2

Alright, getting twatted from above by a plummeting care package is more hilarious than pathetic. But there’s no denying being bested by a cube filled with ammo is a pretty embarrassing way to be booted out of the union. We’d honestly rather get sniped ten times in a row by some camping 15 year-old wearing Battlestar Galactica PJs. Alright, so we don’t usually have much of a choice over that.

Death by cold

Embarrassingly ending your life in: Lost Planet

Wrap up warm kiddies, hypothermia is a killer. Even if you’re holed up in the cosy embrace of a massive killer mech. Lost Planet’s awesome robot killing machines might be able to see off skyscraper-sized insects, but they’re clearly no match for a cold snap. Fail to replenish the game's space pirate with thermal energy every 32 seconds and he can kiss that sweet mechanical ass goodbye. In hindsight, maybe they should have cut back on the alien-shredding guns a bit and installed a couple of hot water bottles.

Death by Topher Grace

Embarrassingly ending your life in: Spider-Man 3

What better way to have the last shreds of our tattered dignity obliterated than getting Spidey killed by a whiny That 70s Show reject? Not only is the Tophinator’s take on the once respected and feared Venom one of the worst film baddies ever, his horribly phoned-in performance in the game is like adding Tabasco to an already gaping, shameful wound. Hey, we had no beef with getting taken out by that fat dude who gets offed five minutes into Raiders of the Lost Ark in Spider-Man 2. But being murdered at the mitts of this rubbish, comically miscast actor is taking the piss in the almightiest and humiliating of fashions.

Feb 12, 2010

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