Facebook's geeky, good and weird gaming groups

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If I were a Video Game Character I'd Do Link from Zelda
Group description: "For people who think Link is the sex :) And also as a sub-note, the character Roy from that game Fire Emblem is fairly Smokin' Also :)"

Worth joining just to show appreciation for the top drawer group description. And even if you don't think Link is 'the sex', a general nose around is recommended just to peruse the groupies and see who gets the tingles in their trouser bits for Hyrule's hero. Get your Link love on here.

John Madden is an Idiot, But He Has One Great Video Game
Group description: "This group is for those of you who want to know how someone like John Madden who has a negative IQ can be a part of something so great as the Madden video games."

The majority of Madden groups on Facebook are quick to call out JM as a clumsy-mouthed dullard, but most overlook his involvement in one of the most popular games of all time. We especially dig this group, though, because it includes such classic Madden mouth mishaps as "This is way too close for inches, I think we are talking cubic inches" and the utterly heaven sent "They say 90% of the game is half mental".Talk more nonsense than Maddenhere.

I Openly Admit to Pantomiming the Actions of Resident Evil Characters
Members: 689
Group description: "Perhaps you've been known to descend the stairs sideways with an imaginary gun in hand when you think no one's home. Maybe you enjoy imitating the oh-so-satisfying kicks and stomps that ultimately decapitate a not-quite-dead zombie. Or maybe you recreate the physical improbabilities of the quick turn-around and the three hundred sixty degree pivot. The heavy-object-pushing gesture, the magic-bottomless-box-opening motion, the surprisingly effeminate wave -- come on, now. You do it too."

Most members admit to kicking open the odd door or mimicking the merchant's bartering banter. Others, however, take things to the edge: "I went as Dr. Salvador for Halloween once. Scared the crap out of all the little kids in my street. I had a real chainsaw too, just took the motor and the chain off. They saw that thing though and ran. Haha, good times."Eat your Jill sandwich here.

Attractive people who happen to play World of Warcraft
Members: 256
Group description: "Yes, I'm easy on the eyes. and yes, I happen to run around Azeroth on a daily basis. ^_^ /secks"

More than 16 million subscribers to WoW. This group has 256 members. We'd say that was probably a pretty accurate reflection of its users. And even then the definition of 'attractive' seems to be fairly broad.Be WoW beautifulhere.

The bloke in Durham who looks like Super Mario ... we love him!
Members: 6,030
Group description: "You can't claim to 'be from Durham' unless you've seen him ... in fact - he makes Durham, he is Durham! We love him and admire him for sticking his fingers up at convention (as far as hair-growth goes anyway) and are here to collectively pay our respects to a living legend!"

A group devoted to worshipping some bloke that lives in Durham called Eddie Stavros. He looks like the Captain Lou Albano version of Mario from the Super Mario Bros Super Show. A big hit with students.Lovers of lip hair rejoice here.

Members: 200
Group description: "For everyone that gets pissed when they lose for no reason or just suck for some gay ass f*cking no reason shit balls I HATE THIS F*CKING GAME!!!!.........so, wanna play tomorrow? sure dude."

This group should have way more than 200 members - all gamers hurl a shit storm tirade of verbal foulness at their TVs every once in a while. Right? And if you like willy waving and macho boasts of 'owning' (check out their discussion boards), you'll definitely feel welcome here.GET YOUR CAPS LOCK ON HERE.

I played Grand Theft Auto and didn't become a psycho killer
Members: 976
Group description: "For all of you gamers out there that have played any or all of the Grand Theft Auto series and didn't go on a murderous rampage immediately afterwards. For all of you who are sick and tired of everyone thinking you're some whacko, murderous lunatic because you play video games."

It's amazing how many of their members DO look like psycho killers, though.Join the psycho killer free zonehere.

How come Mario's raccoon tail makes him fly?......... Racoons can't fly
Members: 749
Group description: "This has to be the all time question for Mario fans"

The group's debaterating chamber is full of people pondering this and other perplexing gaming unanswerables.Scratch your headhere.

I'll shoryuken the shit out of your children (Street Fighter)
Group description: "Ever see a mom walking her child across the street and you say to yourself "Man would it ever feel good to shoryuken the shit out of that child." if so, then join our forward-->down-->down-forward coalition against the infantile of the world!"

This group wins on every level. Its name kicks ass like a raging despotic steroids abuser and its members enjoy talking the talk in the proper gamer spirit ("I will yoga fire ur car" and "I just Shoryukened an entire orphanage"). But it's not all about shoryukening the shit out of little kids - there's also a discussion board topic called 'If you could shoryuken one person in the world, who would it be?'. Answers include Jay Leno, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, 50 Cent, Russell Brand, Steve Jobs, George Bush, Joss Stone and Jesus.Beat up on little people here.

The Gizmondo Owners Group
Members: 21
Group description: "A Group at last dedicated to the Gizmondo. Keep the Giz Alive"

We love the optimistic 'at last' in the group description. But 21 members? C'mon, at least one of them has to be telling fibs.Join the rare breed here.

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