8 years after leveling their World of Warcraft character from 1 to 100 using only DDR mats, this MMO fan is trying to repeat the trick in WoW Classic Hardcore

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A popular controller modder is revisiting an eight-year-old World of Warcraft challenge because they've found a way to make it even more punishing.

Many moons ago, content creator Rudism leveled a WoW character from start to finish, scaling 100 levels using nothing but a Dance Dance Revolution mat to do so. But what could tempt them to return to the challenge? Doing it again but on WoW Classic's Hardcore servers without any hands – be it their own or the helping hand of other players.

WoW Classic's Hardcore servers only extend to level 60 at the time of writing, though you've got the added challenge of seeing your character dead for good if you perish. Hope you're good with your feet, Rudism.

So far, the challenge is going rather well. Rudism has put in a near-four-hour stream that saw their character reach level six without too much incident. Only 54 levels to go, then – if Rudism can keep their character alive.

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Introduced last year, WoW Classic's Hardcore servers have thrown up plenty of fan highlights so far. One streamer called Guzu had such a hilarious and unfortunate death that the viral clip became immortalized in a fan-made animation from a community favorite. Even Guzu couldn't believe how good it turned out, asking if it was even "real."

While WoW Classic's Hardcore servers caught the attention of many when they were introduced last year, Season of Discovery is taking over that mantle of late. WoW Classic guilds came together to flatten a new MMO boss that managed to resist the efforts of entire servers. They didn't quite get the mount they fancied, but they got a cool sword.

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