WoW Classic guilds come together to flatten a new MMO boss that's so far resisted the efforts of an entire server, all for a datamined mount they might not even get

One of WoW Classic's characters stands in front of a huge blood moon
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Update: The beast is slain! Various WoW Classic fans are sharing that Kha'damu has been bought down on Twitter and Reddit. Their prize? Not so much the mount they had hoped for, but a big ol' sword. It still looks kind of cool, though.

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Original: Hordes of WoW Classic players and entire guilds are coming together to try and topple a new and common enemy: One tough-as-nails boss reportedly cooking coordinated groups of over 500 MMO players at a time. 

Phase 2 of WoW Classic's experimental Season of Discovery initiative introduces a new boss called Kha'damu who can be found wandering around the Stranglethorn Vale at random. Coming across them, though, is proving fatal for fans as everyone is being pushed aside with ease. 

Gaming communities love a good mystery and it's no different in World of Warcraft. You mostly see on-the-fly problem-solving during new raid encounters as players suss out how to topple the bosses standing between them and their loot. Kha'damu is inviting that same sort of appeal as people try and figure out how to best the giant menace, but interest is currently escalating. 

The first reason for that is the reputation Kha'damu is getting for being extremely hard to beat. As one player shares on Reddit, three guilds formed a 500-strong party to take the boss out and lost. Clearly deciding bigger is better, one player's entire server gathered to beat down Kha'damu – reader, I think you know what happened. 

If there's one thing World of Warcraft players love more than a mystery, it's a mount. What's also helped spike public interest in seeing this big bully eat shit is a rumor that they're what stands between players and a datamined mount called the Bengal Tiger mount.

At the time of writing, there's been a fair amount of near misses – WoW Classic devotees have managed to get Kha'Damu down to roughly 13% of their health, though they are still figuring out how to go all the way reliably. Heck, one game master has seemingly taken pity and joined the fight, hinting at what might be a pivotal mechanic to finally putting the boss down in the dirt.

Whether or not the WoW Classic community gets their beloved mount remains to be seen, though the collective effort to see the job done is the sort of community storytelling we love to see. 

Helldivers 2 is succeeding for various reasons like gameplay quality and a fair entry point regarding price, though the way the co-op game supports and encourages community-based stories is helping it stick – good luck, soldiers, I believe you will reclaim your 'robot Vietnam.' Still, when it comes to a good story where oodles of players get a shot of the pen, a good MMO is hard to beat. 

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