64 Marvel Comics January 2023 covers

Marvel Comics January 2023 covers
Marvel Comics January 2023 covers (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics just released its full December 2022 solicitations, but now we've got an even deeper look into what's ahead in Marvel's future thanks to the website of their distributor, Penguin Random House. The distributor's public-facing retailer site includes a gallery of covers for already announced titles planned for release in January 2023.

A few of the covers have already been previewed, including the main cover of the recently announced Avengers: War Across Time which celebrates 60 years of the Avengers in 2023, and marks longtime DC writer/editor Paul Levitz's Marvel Comics debut alongside veteran Avengers artist Alan Davis.

There's also the cover of Midnight Suns #5, featuring the previously revealed youthful redesign of Agatha Harkness from a story that digs into her ancient past starting in Midnight Suns #2. Interestingly enough, the cover of Midnight Suns #5 seems to place Agatha alongside the modern members of the supernatural team, potentially indicating that her younger self may crossover into the present day in some way. Not a far-fetched idea with her own streaming series starring Katherine Hahn in the title role on the way.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In terms of what we haven't seen before, there are a couple dozen covers for nearly all of Marvel's regular line, including a particularly cool homage cover for Savage Avengers #9 which calls back to the now iconic cover of Uncanny X-Men #141, the start of the 'Days of Future Past' story. Considering the Savage Avengers just found themselves in the future world of 2099, the time travel theme is spot-on.

That's one of several homage variant covers. 

There are also post-AXE covers for the X-Men and Avengers lines, as the X-Men line prepares for the 'Sins of Sinister' story, and the Avengers move into 'Avengers Assemble,' longtime writer Jason Aaron's final story on the title. Plus first look at the cover to the Murderworld: Wolverine special, and possible hints at upcoming storylines, like the Punisher meeting up with Daredevil, Gold Goblin facing off Queen Goblin, and more. 

So here's a gallery of all the 64 new January 2023 covers - though you'll have to wait till October for the actual Marvel Comics January 2023 solicitations:

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